Valentine's Day Pasta Recipes

They say the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach.  If you ask my husband, I am sure he’d agree!  I remember the first meal I made for him in my college apartment.  I remember calling my mom to have her walk me step by step through her marble cheesecake recipe.  I made Fettucine Alfredo and Caesar salad for the main meal.  That was 23 years ago and I still feel nostalgic whenever I eat Fettucine Alfredo.  In my mind, (and stomach), it will always be a meal for romance.

I definitely show my love and affection through my cooking.  Pasta is my go-to when I am in the mood for romance. I think it’s because I am half Italian and was raised with a connection that tied the idea of love and food together.  It doesn’t surprise me that a hearty Italian pasta meal is my ideal menu for Valentine’s Day.

I have rounded up some of my favorite Valentine’s Day pasta recipes to win your loved ones’ stomaches (and hearts).  Of course, they are all plant-based and dairy-free, so your body will love you too!

6 Valentine’s Day Pasta Recipes

Valentine's Day Pasta Recipes

1. Vegan Chicken Penne Alfredo

This is my reinvented Alfredo recipe, with some help from the store.  I use Heidi Ho’s Smoky flavored cheese as the base for the sauce and have swapped out fettucine for penne for a twist on this classic dish.

Valentine's Day Pasta Recipes

2. Vegan Piccata with Lemon-Garlic Scallopini

This is one of my favorite dinners to serve to non vegans because it is elegant, beautiful, and delicious.  I use Gardein Scallopini for the picatta and it is absolutely delicious, if I do say so myself!

Valentine's Day Pasta Recipes

3. Garlic Cauliflower Linguini with Capers

I learned this recipe in Italy while taking a cooking class over 10 years ago!  It’s still one of my favorites and I have since added my own influence to the ingredients, but the method is the same as the Italians taught me!

Valentine's Day Pasta Recipes

4. Lasagna Rolls

I love a good lasagna, but these rolls make a beautiful presentation and feel a little more special than your traditional Italian casserole.

Valentine's Day Pasta Recipes

5. Spinach and Artichoke Lasagna

Speaking of lasagna, this reicpe is full of sauteed spinach and delicious artichoke hearts.  It is also gluten-free – an added bonus!

Valentine's Day Pasta Recipes

6. Vegan Chicken Tetrazinni Casserole

This recipe is so easy, but your Valentine doesn’t have to know that!  If you are celebrating with the kids, this meal is especially perfect as it feeds a crowd.

Will you try one of these Valentine’s Day pasta recipes to win your sweetheart’s stomach?  Please share your Valentine’s Day menu with me in the comments below.