Gazpacho cooking video

We don’t usually think of soup during summer, but this gazpacho recipe is great during the summer months. It is served chilled and is made with 100% veggies so it is light, fresh and delicious – very satisfying for summer lunching. This is a basic gazpacho recipe that you can change up by switching out the types of tomatoes you use (heirlooms would be perfect this time of year). I use red bell pepper, but the other colored varieties would be equally delicious.


My special ingredient in this gazpacho recipe is vegan Worcestershire sauce. You could also use Tabasco or other flavored hot sauces. All you need is a blender for this recipes. How easy! I make it in the morning while I am prepping breakfast so that it is chilled and ready to go for lunch. The longer ahead you make it, the longer the flavors will have to marinate together in the soup. This gazpacho is even better the next day because of it!

Gazpacho - Blender Girl

I like to top my gazpacho with chopped avocado. Red onion and cucumber are also nice for a little crunch. Serve this alongside a salad or a stuffed avocado for a healthy and filling lunch. Watch the YouTube video below to get the recipe or click here.

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