Cruciferous Chickpea Salad

This Cruciferous Chickpea Salad is one of my go-to lunches every week.  One batch feeds me at least twice.  I make it in the morning while I am making my kiddos’ breakfast so that it has time to marinate all morning and is ready to serve by lunch.  It is super simple to make with just a few ingredients.  I use a bagged salad mix from Trader Joe’s to make things even easier, but feel free to use your favorite mix of cruciferous veggies, such as kale, Brussels Sprouts, broccoli, and cabbage.

Watch the video to see how easy this Cruciferous Chickpea Salad is to pull together, and tell me your favorite go-to salad recipe in the comments below.  For more delicious and easy vegan cooking videos, subscribe to my YouTube Channel here.