15 Surprising Ways To Eat Quinoa

Quinoa is an ancient grain from the Incas and cooks just like a rice. It is gluten-free and packed with protein, making it one of my favorite superfoods. With 3 different varieties available at my favorite Trader Joe’s (red, white, and mixed), I love to dress it up all different ways to serve it alongside a main dish like you would a rice. It also tosses nicely into salads for a protein boost. Below are 15 other surprising ways to eat quinoa.  

1. Breakfast Oatmeal

When I think about quinoa, I think savory, but this Quinoa Oatmeal from Thug Kitchen takes quinoa to the sweet side for a twist on a breakfast favorite.

Quinoa Oatmeal

2. Granola

I love a good granola, especially if it is sprinkled over some Kite Hill vanilla yogurt!  I never thought to use quinoa in the mix until I found this snack-worthy 7-ingredient Granola Recipe from Minimalist Baker.

Quinoa Granola

3. Pudding

Rice pudding gets a delicious chocolate, coconut makeover in Vega’s Quinoa Protein Pudding.

Chocolate Quinoa Protein Pudding

4. Cookies

Quinoa in a cookie takes baking to a whole different level! Try this Chocolate Chip cookie recipe from Strength & Sunshine. 


5. Sliders

I have used brown rice, lentils, and legumes in sliders before, but never quinoa. These Veggie Sliders from Minimalist Baker make me want to give it a try.

Quinoa Sliders

6. Soup

Stir a little quinoa into your favorite soup to give it a heartier feel. This Smoky Lentil & Quinoa Soup from The Simple Veganista is right up my alley.

Smoky Lentil & Quinoa Soup

7. Tabbouleh

I love making my favorite tabbouleh salad gluten-free by swapping bulgur for quinoa. This recipe from Simple Vegan Blog is easy and fat-free. 


8. Tacos

My family inhales my Beyond Meat tacos every Taco Tuesday, but I think I might change things up one week with this Quinoa Taco recipe from Veg Kitchen! The quinoa has the look and feel of “meat” along with a protein punch.

Quinoa Tacos

9. Quinoa Patties

I make quinoa patties every year for Passover as a tasty main course option to complement the rest of my Seder. I veganize this Spring Herb Quinoa Patties recipe from Two Tarts with Follow Your Heart’s VeganEgg and Daiya cheese.

quinoa patties

10. Risotto

Since I use quinoa just like as a side dish, I guess I should have thought to turn some into a risotto like this Tomato Quinoa Risotto recipe from Leslie Durso.  

quinoa tomato risotto

11. Stuffing

Quinoa makes a great wheat-less stuffing alternative and looks great in this Stuffed Portabello Mushroom from Beetific Beginnings.

Quinoa Stuffed Portabello Mushroom

12. Chili

I don’t often think to stir a grain into chili, but this Slow Cooker Black Bean, Butternut Squash, & Quinoa Chili from The Full Helping looks like a good reason to!



13. Quinoa Loaf

This Lentil Quinoa Loaf from Vegan Richa makes me re-think my bias towards “meatloaf.”

Lentil Quinoa Loaf

14. Pasta

Make your own quinoa pasta with this tutorial from Pinch of Me.

Quinoa Pasta

15. Sushi

My family loves to make our own sushi rolls.  We use sushi rice, but what a great idea to use quinoa instead?  Try these Veggie Quinoa Sushi Rolls from Veggie Primer.


What is your favorite way to eat quinoa? Share with me in the comments section below. For more delicious plant-based recipe ideas, download a copy of my cookbook-let, Vegan Family Dinners.