Vegan Family Dinners

A home cooked family dinner has never been easier with these kid friendly recipes.  Dinner is served with these 5 easy & delicious vegan family dinners!

1. Chili Mac Casserole

This recipe uses two family favorites – chili and a boxed mac & cheese for a delicious and easy combination.

Chili Mac Casserole

2. Vegan Chicken Penne Alfredo

This is my vegan take on an Italian classic that I loved as a kid.


3. Garden Lasagna Pots

This is one of my favorite veganized recipes from Raddish Kids!  The kids love making and eating these!

Garden Lasagna Pots

4. Polenta Puttanesca

Polenta is a fun kid-friendly food.  Use it to make mini pizzas or in this case, use it in place of pasta with a savory sauce.

Polenta Puttanesca

5. Ground Beef Tacos

These tacos taste like the real thing with Beyond Meat’s fantastic meatless alternative.

Fiesta Beef


Want more family dinner recipes?  Get my free Family Dinner Recipes booklet with the purchase of my new children’s book, Not A Nugget.  Just send your Amazon receipt to for your free copy!